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Posted by Flat.Tips on 02/09/2020


You like to present information about your country, region, city, traditions, culture, night life, food, activities, language, cooking, sightseeing, safari, tennis, golf, water sports, real estate market, holiday destination, long-term stays in the low season, etc. ?

Please, write us an email and we will grant an active member (agency, agent, developer) in the Flat.Tips system rights for an author. Then you can start to publish your article, to edit it any time or to complement it in the future.

You can write only 1 post or you can create regularly different posts, for example to inform prospective buyers about different topics about your country / region / city.

With the page builder tool you can create fantastic posts with images, videos, banners and many other cool features.

In your posts you can add a link to your profile on Flat.Tips, where are all your published listings available.

You are welcome!

Your Flat.Tips Service Team 🙂

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